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Q: Should I plug the coaches I sign up into the TEAM ON FIRE & TEAM GO GETTERS FACEBOOK GROUP?

A: YES! The better the communication throughout the team and the more people we have working together, the more we will all benefit and progress faster.

Q: How do I get beyond the issue of approaching people without feeling like a salesperson?

A: A good way to get over that mindset is to not even think about selling anything at all when approaching people. In fact, don’t even let people know what you do or that you receive a commission on the products for a while until you feel comfortable enough engaging in conversation about the subject. Instead, recommend P90X or Shakeology to them, completely putting the business to the side. Once you do that enough times, you will begin to form the mindset of recommending products instead of selling them, and once that happens, you can start adding in that you’re a coach and this is your business.

Q: How can you approach people so easily?

A: I look at it as my responsibility to help people lose weight and feel great about themselves, and if there’s a time where I know I should have said something but didn’t, I feel terribly guilty because I know how much of an impact I could have had on that person’s life. You have to remember that you talking to that person can literally change their life, and if you don’t, they might continue on that path of destruction for the rest of their life. That’s why I’m always telling the team that this business is a business of helping people, not selling, but the great thing is that once you approach the business with the sole intent of helping people, you will begin to sell product.

Q: How long does it take to become successful?

A: Most coaches on the team who are 100% engaged in the business progress to Diamond anywhere from 5-8 months, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter, all depending on their effort level. It took me about 3 months to progress to Diamond and then about a year and a half to make enough money to make this a full-time career. Patience is important in this business!

Q: Do you hold 3-way calls?

A: I will hold a 3-way call with any coach on the team with their prospects. Your upline Diamond or Star Diamond coach will do the same, and it’s especially important to utilize this tool within your first 2-3 months as a coach. Why? We have had success, have credibility, and know how to get beyond any objections before they are even asked. By holding 3-way calls, you will learn what we say to people, how we lead the conversation, speak with confidence, and get beyond any objections so that you can eventually be able to do the same with your coaches.

Q: When is the Team Opportunity Webinar?

A: The Team Opportunity webinar is held every other Thurs at 8:30 PM CST, and is a great way for you to expose your prospects to the business using a credible 3rd party source (me). I will create a new event every week in the Team On Fire & Team Go Getters Facebook group, which will have the link to register. Make sure you begin marketing this webinar at least 4-5 days ahead of time.

Q: Is creating your own separate website that important?

A: Yes! It’s one of the most important parts of your entire business. Your website or blog is going to serve as the central location for your entire business, and that’s where you’re going to direct all traffic to, whether online or offline, and where people will learn about you, the products, the coaching opportunity, and make a decision to purchase or get involved with the business.

Q: What is a “Weekly Coach Check-In?”

A: It’s an email that you’re going to send to your entire customer base every single week, checking in with them, offering a few diet or workout tips, talking about sending out Shakeology samples, and just letting them know that you’re here to help. To send a “Weekly Coach Check-In,” go to your Coach Office, “My Business,” “My Customers,” “Customer Report,” show report, and then “Send Bulk Email.” One important thing to remember is to make the email as personal as possible, making it sound like you’re talking directly to that person rather than to a group. More people will respond that way.

Q: Where can I find a sample “Weekly Coach Check-In?”

A: See the Documents Tab under Weekly Coach Check In BUT as always these are just a template make sure you make it YOU and customize it 🙂

Q: Should I send a Welcome Email to all of my new customers?

A: Yes. Pick a certain day each week, say Friday, where you go to your Coach Office, and in the bottom left of your home page you will see the amount of new customers you have that week. Click on that, and then send them an email, just as you do with the “Weekly Coach Check-In.” In that email, let them know that you’re their coach and that you’re here to help them if they have any questions or need some extra encouragement and support. Something that a lot of coaches are beginning to do, though, is create a “Welcome” video, talking about their story, what products they’ve used and gotten results with, and letting them know that you’re here to help.

Q: Can I contact you?

A: Yes, you can contact me through text message, but you need to schedule a call 3-4 days ahead of time. As you know I do NOT want to step on anyones toes so please try to contact your upline coach FIRST and if you still feel like you need more help feel free to text me my number is in your backoffice under Star Diamond Upline coach .

Q: Should I sign up someone as a coach if they only want a discount on Shakeology?

A: This is another tough question. If you’re looking to advance a rank, a “Shakeology Coach” is good to solidify an active coach spot. However, you will earn more from that person as a customer rather than a coach, unless he/she gets others involved with Shakeology, bringing in more volume points.

Q: Should I become a Club Member when I sign up to coach?

A: Yes. Like I have mentioned before, the most important part of this business is being a product of the product, and once you use the Club Membership, you understand the benefits and are more than likely going to begin recommending it to others as well. Plus, in order to qualify for the Customer Lead Program, you have to be a Club Member and Emerald Coach.

Q: When should I branch off and form my own team?

A: I don’t recommend that you branch off until you’re at least a 2 Star Diamond Coach and have over 500 coaches on your team. Even then, there is no reason to branch off, as it’s more beneficial to remain engaged with the other our Teams Coaches. The more we come together as a team and create that free flow of communication, the more we will all benefit. With that said I DO recommend if you even have 2-5 coaches to start your own accountability team where you guys hold one another accountable and check in weekly on a conf call to report progress. For more info on this please ask ME or your upline.