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Beachbody Challenge Invite Process by Jenelle

STEP 1 – Initial Invite  (If you are reaching out to them first)

INVITE with a ONE-to-ONE message or a FACEBOOK post. BEST RESULTS = DO BOTH!

EXAMPLE Email or Facebook Inbox (copy & past to at least 20-30 friends/family members):

“Hey Jill! I’m starting a 30-day Beachbody Challenge on [DATE] and have space for just a few more people!  It’s going to just be a SMALL group of us in the “challenge” for better accountability and support to each other. I’m letting my friends & family members have first dibs before I do mass invite to all my facebook friends.  It may not be something you need, or not right now, but do you want me to send you the details?”

Example Facebook POST:

  • Post with an inspiring picture! Post once per day (choose diff times on diff days)
  • Get inspiring fitness pictures from – type fitness in the search box.
  • Tag your fellow coaches in the comments section beneath it so that you get some likes on there & get some EYES on this post!

“Hey friends!! I’m starting a fitness challenge, like a “Biggest Loser” type of challenge on [DATE]! We’ll workout, eat clean, and keep each other ON TRACK for X days!! Let’s get our bodies BEACH-READY! I’m just going to accept 5-6 people in this group because I want it to be a SMALL focus group! Want more details?? Then click LIKE or comment below! ”

TIPS*** In the “invite” msg or post, do not VOMIT info all over them about your challenge & do not post the link for them to order yet… get interest FIRST, then you go to the Second Message. 


 STEP 2 – ENGAGE WITH A QUESTION via inbox or email  ( If they reach out to you first, START HERE)

“Hey Jill, thanks for your interest in my Challenge! I have a few spots left!  I will send the details of the “challenge”, but first I have to ask ..what are your fitness and/or weightloss goals? I want to make sure I’m giving you good advice!

TIP** Get to know more about what THEY want. If they decide NOT to purchase a challenge pack, at least now you know their goals and can suggest OTHER options and keep communications going & developing that relationship.



Wow Jill!  Sounds like you are completely serious about (REPEAT THEIR WHY FROM STEP 2 AGAIN).  I think this challenge group will help you get the absolute BEST Results (if you think they DON’T need a new program, or better nutrition, or more accountability then suggest what you think *will* help them!!).

Here’s the Deal…It’s simple!!  FITNESS + NUTRITION + SUPPORT = SUCCESS

I want each person to see RESULTS. More want in the group than I can handle so, in fairness, I have to keep it to the first 5 or 6 who commit to buying a Challenge Pack from me (if you already have a coach, do a challenge with THEM, or you can switch to me – but I don’t want to take you away from another coach you’re already working with someone).


You’re probably wondering ..What’s in a Challenge pack?  It’s 3 things most need for MAX RESULTS:

1) Your choice of a new fitness program (like Turbo Fire, P90X, Insanity, Slim in 6, etc);

2) A 30-day Club membership for custom meal planning;

3) Shakeology on HD (Chocolate or Greenberry). You can cancel later if you want questions asked.

Plus, by being a part of this, we’ll have our own facebook group for daily accountability and support. This is ALL done online and everyone just does their own personal best!


The “challenge pack” price depends on what program you choose.. but they are a $25-$44 savings over what you’d normally pay retail.

If you choose P90x, Turbo Fire, Insanity, then it’s $205 for all of the above. If it’s one of the programs with fewer workouts, it’s $160. With Body Gospel or 10-minute Trainer, it’s $180.



Click this link below & scroll down to the “Take the Challenge” button. You’ll fill out a form so you’re registered for the $100,000 Beachbody contest, then look for the pack you want to buy for my challenge. If you decide to really be a contender in the overall contest (with $100K prize), you can submit before & after pictures later for that J But there’s no obligation to do that.

Thanks!!! I need this too and am PUMPED to start!!!  You’d have to be one of the first to order from ME before I close the group. *****Let me know as SOON as you order, so I can make sure it went thru before I close the group! *********

If you’re still thinking, let me know & I’ll hold your spot for a day or two!

NOTE ****  PUT YOUR COACH ID IN WHERE THE X’s ARE IN THE LINK ABOVE!!! If they come back and say they already have Shakeology, then suggest a new program for them & tell them this “newbie” group isn’t for them but you’d still love to coach/help them! Same if they have a program but just need Shakeology! You might want to have ANOTHER bigger accountability group of “challengers” for non-newbies who didn’t buy the whole package.





1)  Go to (put in YOUR website)

2) Click Coach Button – then click Yes I want to be a coach on pop up screen

3)  Fill out Coach Information page, check 3 boxes at bottom and sign, click “continue enrollment”

4)  Pick Challenge Pack

5)  Checkout

6)  Notify your upline coach & Set up Get Started Right phone call