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Tommy Mygrant’s 3 Step Challenge Invite Process




    FIRST MESSAGE (If you are reaching out to them first)


    “Hey Joe, we are starting this 90 Day Beachbody Challenge group and have space for just a few more people.  I’m coming to you first and giving you first shot to take a spot before I start inviting  this long list of people.   You want to hear more about it??”


    SIDENOTES*** you are NOT trying to give them all the information in the first message… do not VOMIT all over them.. ask them if they want to hear more, and if they do then you go to the Second Message. 


    FIRST MESSAGE (if they’ve reached out to you first, in response to a status, or asking you what this challenge stuff is about)  2nd Message if they have replied to your initial invite from above. 


    “Hey Joe, thanks for asking me about this challenge stuff.  So what makes you curious about this challenge? Why are you wanting more info??”



    ****  USE THIS AS MESSAGE 2  ] if they have replied to your first message.  Send this BEFORE you send them the 2nd message with details

    ****  They are coming to you, this is a great chance for you to Ask one or two questions and really get THEM to reflect on THEIR “WHY”…  Taking a moment to slow down and ask WHY they are asking will build a deeper value and relationship and will be more likely to THEM joining the group. 


    Second Message (once they agree to more info, or once they give you their why)


    Ok here’s the Deal…It’s simple!!




    The commitment is 90 days of a Beachbody workout program and Shakeology and the small group accountability of 5 people… You commit to the progam and shakeology, I put you in the small group of 5 and we help each other through the process to ensure the best possible results.  This is a proven and simple formula, and those that commit are much more likely to finish and get results.


    –You do everything at home, on your time and your schedule.. no in person meetings or group workouts…

    –Group interaction is all done on Facebook, so you can post along with the team at your convenience


    The Challenge Group will start on Monday December … do you already have a program? shakeology? or would you need to get those??


    SIDENOTES ****  This is simple, direct, clearly expresses the commitment they are making, and the results and return they will get if they become a group member. 

    **** This also gets them telling you What items they need to get started.  You can now SORT them into what they need to order, and how to Enroll Them (with a challenge pack if they need both the program and the shakeology)


    THIRD MESSAGE — SHOW THE CHALLENGE INTRO VIDEO (f they want more information, or if they offer some type of objection… )


    Sounds like you just want some more information???  Here, check out this great 5 minute video introducing the Beachbody Challenge.  This explains the challenge a lot better than I can, you’ll be amazed at the results people have had with these groups.  So watch this, and I’ll follow up with you like 20 minutes.  Cool??   (add Challenge Intro Video Link) 


    SIDENOTES *** Don’t argue facts if they have an objection, simply lead them to a tool like the video, or point them to stories of people with results


    THIRD MESSAGE — SETTING ENROLLMENT APPOINTMENT  (If they tell you what they need to get started and take a challenge group spot)


    “Ok, Great!  So you need both a workout and the shakeology.  We can definately help you with that.  Why don’t we get on the phone and I can help you with the enrollment process.  Are you free right now or would tonight at 6 pm be better for you? ”


    “Ok, Great! Sounds to me like you already have the program and just need to get going with the Shakeology!  We can definately make that happen.  I can walk you through the enrollment by phone, or send you the Step by Step Enrollment instructions through Facebook.  Which do you prefer?  d


    SIDENOTES ***  Always give them 2 options for an appointment (2 times to get on phone, or 2 ways either by phone or by message)

    **** If you are uncertain how to walk them through by phone, set up a 3 way call with your sponor or upline diamond/star diamond and have them show you while enrolling your prospect.