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Tips on Hosting a Challenge

Challenge Tracker Sheet EXAMPLE

I wanted to give you ALL the tools you need to host a GREAT 90/60/30-Day Challenge. I would LOVE for all of us to schedule a challenge to start November 11th, 2011 (11/11/11) to tie into the Supergym giveaway thats going on. (11/1/11 WOWY Super Gym workout from 6AM PT to 7AM PT pays out $1,111 to someone who took the Beachbody Challenge! – 11/11/11 WOWY Super Gym workout at 11:11AM PT also pays out $1,111 to someone who took the Beachbody Challenge!)

Challenge Details:

1. Create a Group of 5 Challengers
2. They Pick Challenge Pack they want OR you decide which type of challenge you are doing: (Packs available Nov 1st and I attached a slide that shows what programs fall into what pack) 
3. Each Pack Comes with: 1 fitness program, Shakeology HD, and 1 FREE month of club (if they don’t want club after that they will have to cancel it but if they decide to keep it they get 10% future orders like next month of shakeology etc) 

Hosting a Challenge Details:
1. Find/Invite: you need to find your 5 people and you aren’t going to find your 5 by reaching out to JUST 5 people. Talk to 20 people the more you talk to the more YESes you will get. 
   a. facebook event
   b. Evites
   c. Email Invite 
   d. Send personal private messages to invite people
   e. Tweet/Post on fb (these are ok but you won’t get a response like you will from a private invite) 
   f. create video explaining and inviting ppl
   g. flyers
   h. fit club invite 
   i. Text message ppl 
   j. call 
   k. Home Party: I hosted a launch party and my challenge started 1-2 weeks after that and almost everyone at my party committed to the             challenge and purchased a program FOR the challenge! Great time to host a home party to tie in with this 

2. Create Invite Email: Example of Lindsay Matways here: OR example of mine here: (make sure to reword this and make it your OWN!!) 

3. Create Facebook Private Group:

4. Create Confirmation Email: when someone commits to this send them a confirmation email: I have attached my confirmation email so just customize it and make it your own. (you will need to change my links and info to YOUR info so please customize and read through this)
1. send something like this to your challengers BUT make sure you put in YOUR coach ID.


1. Go to this link rep ID)

2. Scroll down and click TAKE THE CHALLENGE!

3. You will fill out the Beachbody Challenge Pledge so that you’re auto-enrolled for the $100,000 BIG BEACHBODY CHALLENGE where you can win $100,000 w/your results!

4. THEN you will be able to choose your Challenge Pack!!!

5. Msg me when you’re done so I can check to make sure it went thru!

OR go to office/my websites/edit beachbody coach site/click banner/scroll all the way down to the bottom and add the Beachbody Challenge banner with celebrity trainers / save. THEN send people to your website have them click the banner (this will take them to the take the challenge site)

NEW COACH Challenge Pack

if someone wants to get the challenge pack and become a coach they go to sign up as a coach as normal and then they will be offered the challenge pack as a option during sign up

These should be available SOON in your coach website


5. BE EXCITED: the more excited you are the more they will be… keep your/their excitement up every week on the facebook group and by sending them tips, recipes, videos, giving recognition, etc. 

6. Host a KICK OFF: Im hosting a kick off webinar but you could do a kick off video you pre-record, live conference call with them, ustream, anymeeting screensharing webinar, kick off text/email, etc. Totally up to you but do something to KICK IT OFF!!! 

7. Prize or No Prize: prizes are completely up to you what you do but here are some suggestions: gift card, t-shirt, workout program, p90x bars, etc. Also the prize can be YOUR TIME!!! 🙂 

8. Tracking Progress: If you are hosting a challenge that the winner is the HIGHEST % of weight loss I have attached a tracking sheet to help you track from week to week. OR you can just Im doing a random drawing all names in the hat for EVERYONE who stays committed. Totally up to you

9. After the Challenge: After the 90days really give BIG TIME recognition for ALL your challenges and for the winner/winners. Again could do a call, webinar, ustream, youtube video, social media recognition, etc. THEN you want to ask them ok what is your plan moving forward do you want to continue what you are doing and you can be added to my BIG facebook group (if you don’t have a facebook group for ALL your customers even if you have only 2 customers right now it will grow bigger and bigger and bigger I suggest getting one) where all my friends/customers are for accountability OR do you want me to hold your spot of the next challenge where we will be doing ________? OR you can say something about the coaching biz to them as well GREAT TIME to talk about that! 

10. FEEL THE LOVE:: This job is so inspiring and rewarding so just sit back and enjoy how awesome your challengers did and soak it up because this is what this business is all about HELPING OTHERS!!! Also SHARE THE LOVE by helping your coaches create a challenge group of their own and get them started. Save this email to share with new coaches so it’s all explained and done for them.


Refer to the 90-Day Training for Tips on Growing your password: beherein1year